Reason for the high price of Redmi K series

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Why Redmi K Series are so high in price?

Everyone was waiting for the Redmi K20 and the Redmi K20 Pro to launch in India but now that the smartphones have gone official people don’t seem to be very happy with them. And this is completely because of the price of the phones. The India price of the Redmi K20 and the Redmi K20 Pro start at Rs 21,999 and Rs 27,999, respectively.
Jain notes, “Redmi K20 series is our honest attempt at that. The flagship Redmi K20 series has been in the works for more than a year. This involved a large team dedicatedly working towards perfecting. The product and ensuring a truly exceptional experience for all our fans.”

He says that the Redmi K20 Pro is a “true flagship” as it is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. It is the fastest mobile processor in the world right now. And it is 45 per cent faster when compared to the Snapdragon 845 processor. In addition to the fastest processor the Redmi K20 Pro comes with other high-end features. Those are Horizon AMOLED display, fire and ice design, no display ads, 7th generation in-display sensor, Game Turbo 2, 48MP AI based the main camera, among other things. Jain says, “Redmi K20 Pro has specifications that are only available in flagship phones above Rs 40,000 – Rs 50,000”.

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Talking about the Redmi K20 Jain say that this phone also follows the same ‘DNA’ as the K20 Pro. The K20 is powered by Snapdragon 730 processor that is almost 40 per cent faster than the Snapdragon 710 processor.

He further went on to say that Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and Snapdragon 730 are much more expensive that its predecessor 845 and 710, respectively. Jain says, “Please note that latest technology gets cheaper with time; we could have used older generation processors to save money. Or we could have waited for 6 months for component costs to go down, and hence further reduce the price of the Redmi K20. But that would have gone against our philosophy of bringing the latest innovation to you.”

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