Next innovation hub for Next Generation Technology

According to the cabinet decision to double the income of the farmers, 25 innovation hubs will be built for innovation in Next Generation Technology and the Government will spend about Rs. 3700 crores for this.

The Trust associated with Jallianwala Bagh Memorial will also be in the opposition. The Union Cabinet is a major decision to double the income of the farmers till 2022. To meet this dream of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Cabinet has approved the Agriculture Export Policy. This step of the government will help in making the country an important hub in the field of agricultural exports. Under the policy, the target of doubling from the existing $ 30 billion to agricultural exports has been increase to 2022 60 billion dollars.

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In order to increase innovation for next generation technology and cyber system, the Center has decided to create 25 hubs in the field of innovation, application and research. For this, the government will spend around Rs 3700 crores.


Union Cabinet has approved the construction of Shahpurandi Dam Project on Ravi river in Punjab. Due to the construction of the dam, not only can the waste water be use to go to Pakistan, but after construction, more than 37 thousand hectares of land in Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir can also irrigated.

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In order to participate in the trust associated with the Jallianwala Bagh Memorial Trust, the Government has decided to amend the Jalianwala Bagh National Memorial Law related to it.

The Cabinet has also decided to transfer about 53 per cent of the rural electrification corporation to the energy finance corporation with management control.

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