Google introduces special features in Assistant for ICC Cricket World Cup 2019



Keeping in line with the the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 action, Google on Wednesday introduced special features to its Search, Assistant to help people get all the important match updates. These new features are being made available in English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi and Urdu languages.


“Users can now explore the tournament table, stats and upcoming matches right by just typing “ICC Cricket World Cup” on Search.




For those who are not able to watch the match live, Google will be providing short highlight clips in the Assistant so that you don’t miss the action. Real-time scores can also be pin at the top of your notifications for instant updates as well. You can also get information on which match is next by asking the assistant questions such as “Hey Google, when does India play next?”

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There is also the feature which allows you to ask, “Hey Google, what are the current Cricket standings?” to get the latest updates on the points table. This also works in Google Search..




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