Top 5 Smart Tricks of PUBG Mobile to Win ‘Chicken Dinner’


Here are some great PUBG Mobile tips and tricks that can help you in winning more chicken dinners and getting better at the play style game.

The PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 recently announced one of its biggest tournaments for the country. PUBG Mobile player India announced a 1 crore cash prize in this tournament and delicious chicken dinner along with some cool cash prizes.


Here are some great PUBG Mobile tips and tricks that can help you in winning those highly sort after chicken dinners and getting better at the game.

The Drop

Choosing your location to drop plays a huge part in your ability to get geared early on and survive longer than the top 50. Depending on your playstyle you may want to go all guns blazing or perhaps play it safe and keep away from the action. Whatever you do, decide on a location with transportation and buildings.

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Carry different types of Guns:

For example players carrying an AKM and a DP-28. This isn’t a great idea not just because both of these weapons take the same 7.62mm bullets. Instead of carrying two Assualt Rifles that take same types of bullets, it is a better idea to carry two guns that take different bullets, for instance, the M416 and AKM.

Close doors after you enter a house:

Houses in PUBG act as a temporary exit from the chaos outside as well as sport a lot of supplies. So, it implies that every player would try to get into a house for supplies or gain shelter (unless the player doesn’t want to); and you wouldn’t want a pro-player barge into your house without you noticing and kill you while you were busy collecting loot.

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Don’t forget about those smokes and grenades

The quirks of the PUBG mobile user interface mean that your pan and all your grenades are lumped together into one very small button to the right of your health bar. This makes it super easy to forget they exist, especially if it has selected your pan as default. But it’s always worth carrying a couple of grenades to get you out of a bad situation. Smokes provide decent enough cover that you can reposition or disengage from long distance fights, while frags will push players out of cover and maybe even take them down. Use them a lot, even if it’s easy to forget about them.

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