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Facebook’s Instant messaging app has made available to the picture-in-picture (PIP) feature of WHATSAPP for Android users. Remember that the Android Beta app was release in the month of the picture-in-picture (PIP). With this feature, the app will open a small window with Instagram, Facebook and YouTube to see the video.

After testing in the beta phase, stable updates are now finally release for the Edrarayad platform. Updates are being rolled out through Google Play Store and the version number is 2.18.280. As you tell people to know, if you click on a YouTube link, you’ll start playing in the video app after you get the PiP support.

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Also WhatsApp has been working on many new features. The group calling button added for the iphone app a few days ago. Hopefully this feature will be release too soon for the Android platform user. To make group audio or video calls, you first have to call another contact after calling a contact, but now you’ll be able to add the contact you’d like to talk with before the call is add to the app.

Remember that at the end of November, WHATSAPP upgraded its multi-share feature on the Android platform. Now if you share a text with two or more users than the third-party apps after the feature has been upgrade, WHATSAPP will now show you the preview first. Read our pre-news for detailed information on this feature.

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