Google Maps showing routes and fares for auto rickshaws


Google Maps has added auto rickshaws as the new section under its public transport mode. As the name implies, commuters will be able to view suggested routes for the ride as well as the estimated auto-rickshaw fares, making it easier for them to plan their trips.

Vishal Dutta, Product Manager, Google Maps said that “Currently, for an unfamiliar journey, commuters often overpay and don’t have an idea about the distance or best route. The feature will also help the users plan their journey better, so they could look at the expected cost of the auto-rickshaw ride and decide whether they want to take it all the way, or perhaps take a different mode of transport instead,”

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The feature is currently available for Delhi users. It’s also limited to Android version of Google Maps for now. Google says the feature will be available in other cities in the near future.


How to use auto rickshaw mode on Google Map

To use the feature, update Google Maps to the latest version.

Open the app, search for a destination, then tap on directions and go to the public transport tab.

Commuters will be able to see the auto rickshaw result in the “Also Consider” section.

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After choosing the mode of transport (auto-rickshaw icon) on the screen, you can see the estimated price of the journey and the route’s traffic information.

Then tap ‘Navigate’ to start the trip. The same option can also be accessed via the “cab” mode on Google Maps, said the company.

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