Jio Phone 5 can come at 399 rupees

Telecom company Reliance Jio became very popular in the Indian market with the introduction of Jiophone. The advantage of using jio SIM very cheaply and the opportunity to use all the services of LTE – this is why jio Phone has solidified its place in the Indian market. Although it was launched at rs. 999, at present the new price of this jio phone is rs. 699. Now this jio phone is able to provide much more value than before. However, this time jio is going to launch a new variant of their jio phone. This Jio phone will be cheaper than the previous jio phone. This jio phone has been named JioPhone 5 and its price is expected to be below Rs.500.

Electronics is currently very optimistic about this JioPhone 5 feature phone. According to Reliance, the JioPhone 5 is a lite version of the previous Jio phone. According to some experts, the starting price of this new JioPhone 5 will be 399 rupees. And it will be one of the cheapest phones to use Reliance Geo SIM card. Let us know in detail the possible launch date and specification of jio phone.

JioPhone 5 Possible Launch Date –

The launch date of JioPhone 5 has not been announced by Reliance Jio yet. However, it is expected that the new JioPhone 5 will be launched later this year along with the much awaited Jio Smartphone.

JioPhone 5 Specification –

JioPhone 5 will run on KaiOS platform just like previous Jio phones. This means that you can browse the Internet in a short range. It will have a few applications already downloaded. Presumably, Facebook, WhatsApp and Google will already be installed on the phone.

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Since the price is being reduced, the cost of hardware in this smartphone will be less. According to a report, in this new JioPhone 5 you will not get WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity options. A small LCD panel will be provided. It is learned that the camera will also be dropped in this new phone. Also the amount of storage will be very low, so you will not be able to download any additional applications to this phone, or even if you download it will affect the performance of your phone.

You can also make VoLTE calls on this Geo phone just like the previous JioPhone. Calling will be completely free for Geo users. If you want to call another network, you have to recharge separately. If you want to use the internet, you have to buy another pack. However, according to experts, Reliance Jio may come up with some cheaper plans for JioPhone Lite or JioPhone 5 users.

However, with the introduction of the new JioPhone 5 and Jio Smartphone for Indian users, it is believed that Reliance is preparing to dominate the smartphone market as well as the Jio Telecom market.

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