Google staff to work from home until June 2021

The incidence of corona virus infection is increasing. In this situation, Google has extended the time limit for employees around the world to work from home. Employees of the company will get the opportunity to work from home till June next year. Google employees working in India will not be deprived of this facility.

Sundar Pichai recently sent an email to staff. “Google has decided to extend the scope of the Work from Home opportunity so that employees can plan for the future,” he wrote. Employees around the world will now have the opportunity to work from home until June 30, 2021. This opportunity will be available for work where there is no need to come to the office.

Google and its parent company Alphabet Inc have a total of 200,000 full-time and contract employees. Of this, about 5,000 are working in India. Most of these workers are expected to get the opportunity to work from home.

In the case of Google, India is a potential market. They have offices in Hyderabad and Bangalore. Google has announced a major investment in the expansion of digitalization in the Indian economy. Sundar Pichai has recently launched a total of Rs 75,000 crore India Digitalization Fund.

Many multinational corporations have changed their work-from-home policy in the wake of the Covid-19 infection. They are extending the tenure of employees to work from home. E-commerce company Amazon has extended the work-from-home deadline for employees working in positions that do not require them to come to the office until January 7 next year. This time Google stepped on that path. They extended the work-from-home deadline for staff.

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As of Monday night, the total number of corona cases in the world has increased to 1 crore 85 lakh 35 thousand 241 people. Of these, more than 6 lakh 64 thousand people lost their lives. Meanwhile, the total number of coronavirus cases in India till Monday morning was 14,35,453. 4,75,114 people are still undergoing treatment. 9,16,56 people have recovered. The recovery rate in the country is still 83.5%. The death toll rose to 32,71.

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