West Bengal Civil Service Exam (Preli) Answer key 2019

WBCS Answer Key 2019

Here you can see West Bengal Civil Service Examination Etc. (Pre) 2019 Answer Key. WBCS answer key 2019. WBCS 2019 answer key. 9th February 2019 WBCS exam solution.

Downloading wbcs answer key 2019 west bengal. west bengal civil service answer key. The unofficial answer key of WBCS 2019 for all set has been released online. West Bengal Public Service Commission (WBPSC) will release the official answer key in March on official website.

West Bengal Public Service Commission conducted WB Civil Service 2019 preliminary examination on February 9th 2019. The preliminary exam had only one paper of “General Studies”, which was of objective type with a total of 200 multiple-choice questions. Hence, Total marks of 200 are distributed equally among 200 questions. 2 hours 30 min alloted for this exam.

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For each correct answer, candidates will get 1 mark. There will be negative marking for wrong answers. 1/3 mark will be deducted for each wrong answer. The questions were asked from English Composition for 25 marks, General Science (25 marks), Current events of National & International Importance (25 marks), History of India (25 marks), Geography of India with special reference to West Bengal (25 marks), Indian Polity and Economy (25 marks), Indian National Movement (25 marks), and General Mental Ability (25 marks).

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WBCS Answer Key 2019

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How to check WBCS Answer key 2019

WBCS is conducted west bengal civil service in three stages – prelims exam, mains and interview. In order to be shortlisted, all candidates have to clear all the three stages of the recruitment exam. The result of the preliminary exam will be declared in June 2019 on their official portal.

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1. Correct the following sentence and choose the right answer: We had gone to the movies last night

Answer:W’e went to the movies last night

2.The tranquility and sanctity of the place soothed us. Replace the underlined word with a suitable word


3. The detective suddenly _a useful clue. Fill in with the right phrasal verb

Answer:came across

4. Find the appropriate synonym of the word ‘Indefatigable’.


5.The word ‘beleaguered’ means


6. Convert the given sentence into an interrogative sentence: I will meet you at the train station”

Answer:Where will you meet me?

7. She wanted to go on vacation, so she saved money. Convert this to a simple sentence.

Answer:She saved money for vacation.

8. Convert the given sentence into a simple sentence:

Pancakes are delicious but not without syrup.

Answer:Pancakes are delicious only with syrup

9.Add a suitable prefix to form the opposite of the word ‘Balance’


10. Fill in with the appropriate word: The jury ___ divided in their opinion,


11. He preferred classical music– popular numbers. Choose the correct preposition.


12. He entered the hall in the part ____ of the show. Which is the right answer?


13. He says he has invented a time machine, which is clearly a load of cobblers.


14. Choose the right option to rewrite the sentence: No sooner ___the sun risen than the fog disappeared.


15. Fill in the blank with the suitable option: Let’s meet____ next week.


16.Change the voice of the verb and select the correct answer: ‘The script is being written.’

Answer: They are writing the script.

17.The idiomatic expression ‘see eye to eye’ means

Answer: agree with someone.

18. Ornithology is the study of


19. Ram made the most____ his resources. Choose the correct preposition.


20.The word necrophilia means

Answer:Fascination with dead bodies

21.Which is the correct form of the given sentence: They discussed about the matter.

Answer:They discussed the matter.

22. Fill in with the right option: I ____him for a long time.


23.Select the correct answer to fill in the blank: I am sure I ___ him before.

Answer:have met

24.Fill in with suitable conjunction: He advanced_____he could.

Answer:as far as

25.Select the right answer: My watch is five minutes_____



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